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Promotional Multifunctional Bottle Opener Customized With Your Logo

Promotional Multifunctional Bottle Opener from China Bottle Opener Factory, we can imprinted customized bottle openers with your logo. We have invested heavily in a number of articles from the cold extrusion run stamping, injection molding to the plating, polishing, oxidation and professional printing, packaging production process line at the same time with a batch of experienced, sophisticated technology backbone of high-quality workshops, one-stop service freight forwarding customs agents can opener Nissan sections of 8 thousand months. We have become a scale professional production of copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, zinc alloy Kai plastic bottle manufacturers. China bottle opener factory in recent years as the "snow beer", "Yanjing Beer", "Tsingtao Beer", "Coca Cola" and other production batch of bottle opener, bottle opener for whole world specializing in the production industry for the opener mold design and sheet metal bottle opener.